Binary option Robots and Brokers

Before stepping into trading options, understanding the basics is a must. So, let us clear out the basics and then we can get into it deeply as we proceed.

What are Binary Options?

Binary option is one of the easiest ways to trade and to understand. It is an estimate of underlying assets that are executed during a particular period. Before we get into Binary options deeply, let us have a look at the overall trading functioning.

Overall view of trading and it’s functioning

Most of the times the investors purchase the assets in which they want to invest. The value of the assets is been estimated as per the change in the value. In simple terms, when an investor sells his assets to the market, there is a possibility of two things happening.  When the value of an asset is been increased then it ultimately result in profit. However, the opposite of this occurs into Loss in the investment.

However, this trading type keeps investor under the pressure to sell their assets at right time. Sometimes the investors sell the asset just to avoid the Exposing of the whole amount but compare to this, Binary options are much easier to understand and carry the job from anywhere.

What do we do In Binary Options trading?

In Binary options trading, the trading is done on the market and not in the market that is one of the most essential and significant concepts to clear. There is not much stress involved here; the only thing you have to do is to predict the movement of the Assets for a particular period.

Binary options Definition

The binary word stands for “Double parts”. It talks about the needed predictions. In this type of trading, only two possibilities are there in the Investment. One among them is an expression of price to raise known as “call”, whereas, on the other hand, the other side of the Binary options is the prediction of the fall in price. This is known as “put” option.  One of the important guides to do while investing is to choose an asset.

Thus, to guide you little more is an example how you should choose an asset. If you are interested in gold then want to place binary investment in the gold market. The reason for this is because, you are more familiar with this market thus you know the functioning and the working of the market better. This increases the chances of successful Prediction of the fluctuating gold price.

How to trade binary Options?

Begin by choosing an asset you wish to invest. So, if you are interested in the gold market then choose an asset of gold.  Now next you have to start using your study of the market and predict the raise or the fall of price in the next few hours. Then decide how much amount you want to invest. To do this, the time frame you have is of one hour.  If you follow right steps and have a right prediction then, there are 100% chances to earn Profit.

Like other financial market products, Binary options trading have its Advantages and disadvantages too. However, binary trading is one of the unusual forms of trading and heads us towards exciting products to make a profit. But, apart from this there come disadvantages too.  Thus, you need to be aware of those advantages and disadvantages before you start trading. If you are willing to get help, there are auto trading robots which can do the best trades for you while you watch learn and earn, like Pro Binary Robot By Binary Professor George S.


•    Risk Management:  In binary form, you will be asked to fill up the trading box with the amount that you will be investing. Once you are through with this, it will show you the correct and incorrect prediction of your investment. Thus, it becomes easier to know if you are going to make profit or loss. Because you are already made aware of the profit or loss that you are going to make.  This makes it one of the trustworthy online forms of trading. However, lastly you also have an advantage to change the investment amount after the results.

•    High returns: in binary options trading there are chances to make maximum profit in less than an hour. Thus for instance, if you have predicted the price in Apple market and invested $100. You would receive 85% payout if the stock gained 1 point. Thus, now you can clearly compare how profitable this form of trading is. 1% in one month and 85% in 1 hour makes a big difference.  So, you can make maximum profit in the short period.

•    Hourly/daily trading: in the binary options trading as an investor you have the liberty to choose the expiry time for yourself?  However, if your interest is in long time investments then you have the option to choose “End of the weed” or even “end of the month”. But, the most trending and the attraction of the investors is the Maximum profit in a short Time.  So, imaging if you heard last night that there are some difficulties in the places where the oil production is been carried. This will give you the intuition of increase in oil price. However, few hours later in the morning, your prediction was right, and you have just earned 85% Profit.  So this is going to be a great day for you, isn’t it?

•    Less investment amount: if you are not sure about the prognosis then to avoid the high risk, you can just start up with the small investment of the quantity.  This is one of the strongest benefits you get in Binary Option Trading. You start trading from $25, which gives you the opportunity to learn the stock market without much loss but if you understand it right then you can earn great profit.

•    100% Online Trading: All the actions of trading are carried online. Thus, you don’t have to install any software. Thus, you can trade anywhere with a computer and an internet connection.


•    If you do not make a correct Prognosis then, you will lose up to 95%. Thus, with the advantage of 85% profit there comes a disadvantage too!

•    Lack of additional Tools:  Binary trading works on guessing the asset price. Thus, it only has two options that are “Call” and “put.”

•    Lack of demonstration account: the simplicity of the Binary options Trading, there is a lack of before you start with the trading.

Thus, before you start trading, first observe the market and predict some prices. If you are right and correct in doing this then you can begin with the actual investment in the stock market.